Grammar & Reading Comprehension Exercises

โปรดระวังในการพิมพ์ อย่าให้มีช่องว่างที่ไม่จำเป็น _____ (xxx) ใช้คำในวงเล็บให้ถูกหลักภาษา Adapted from

Store Employee: Hi. May I help you?
Customer: Yeah. I'd like _____ (1. rent) these movies.
Store Employee: Okay. Do you have your membership card?
Customer: No I don't. ______(2. I/need) one to rent movies here?
Store Employee: Yes, but it's free. It's just a card we _______(3. issue) to help us ____(4. keep) track of rentals and customer billing.
Customer: Okay, and how much are movie rentals anyway?
Store Employee: Well, new releases ______(5. be) 40 baht (Okay), and all other movies are 30 baht (Alright), and you can rent up to five movies at a time.
Customer: Oh, well, I______ (6. just/take) these tonight.
Store Employee: Okay, let's see . . . your total tonight _____ (7. come) to 100 baht.
Customer: And when do I need to return them?
Store Employee: They ____(8. be) due back the day after tomorrow by ten o'clock PM.
Customer: Thursday, okay.
Store Employee: And there _____ (9. be) an overdue late fee equal to the rental fee of the movie, so be sure _______ (10. return) them on time.
Customer: Okay. Thanks.