Grammar & Reading Comprehension Exercises

โปรดระวังในการพิมพ์ อย่าให้มีช่องว่างที่ไม่จำเป็น _____ (xxx) ใช้คำในวงเล็บให้ถูกหลักภาษา

The euro will start circulating in January 2002, but since January 1, 1999 it ______(1. be) a 'virtual' currency. The most obvious consequence of a single currency is that you ________(2. not/have to) change money every time you go to a different country. For many people this is an advantage. Tourists won't lose money anymore, especially if they're going to visit several countries. Multinationals, like Volkswagen and General Electric, will benefit, too. Before, even small fluctuations in exchange rates really ______(3. influence) their profits, since multinationals buy materials and then _____(4. sell) products in so many different countries. With a fixed exchange rate for 12 countries, prices and profits won't vary anymore.
Banks are not as pleased about switching, though, since they earned a lot of money from changing currency. The European fixed low interest rate also ________(5. mean) less income for banks. So, banks - especially smaller ones -- may need to find new ways to make money. For example, many are going to encourage people to invest more. But for the smaller banks, change could be hard and slow.

Adapted from: "No Banker's Holiday for Europe", The New York Times, December 5, 1998, p. B1.